Thursday, August 31, 2023


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What day Is It On Sunday, I Hear You Ask?

It’s Father’s Day and you know what that means?

Well how can I say this nicely? Heaps, that’s what.

Sunday is the day all dads in the Mackay region get to be spoiled. Really spoiled. If you’re thinking of doing something nice for your dad, but you’re unsure whether it’s great, then I’m here to tell you it’s not enough. Go harder. Go bigger. When you do that, you might get close to where you need to be.

Really, what you want your dad to do is go “oh wow!” on Sunday. You want to see that big goofy smile and maybe even a few chuckles from the old man. If you can do that, you’re halfway there.

Sure, you can do this by buying expensive gifts that he may use, or even taking him out for a ridiculously large and expensive lunch, after which he may spend the rest of the afternoon on the toilet. Or you can just give him a massive hug and be there for him on Father’s Day. Sound good?

Sometimes the simple things are the most valuable I reckon. The last time I hugged my kids was when Mum died two years ago. Those hugs mean a lot, so when they come, grab them with both hands, because it could be the last time you get to do it.

Hey, the other thing you could do with Dad this Sunday is join us at Dad’s Day in the Valley. We’ve closed off the highway up the valley, grabbed a whole bunch of cars and bikes to look at, heaps of food, and stacks of giveaways for the whole family. I will be doing the show outside the Police station with one of those slot car race tracks too. Come and see if you can beat me? Are you game?

Sunday is also the day for fun at Muller Park for the miniature trains too from 10 so it looks like a busy time for dads. I can’t wait until I get to hang out with my kids come Sunday arvo for a BBQ. It’ll be the best time.

Hey also this weekend is the grand finals for a lot of sports including my hockey club Arsenals. Good luck to all the teams in it. Play hard and fair. Plus, a big shout out and happy birthday to Nigel Lever in South Mackay who’s having a big party tomorrow! Have fun mate.

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