Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Whitsunday Author Launches New Crime Thriller

Last week, a former Federal Member of Parliament and now Whitsunday resident announced the release of his seventh crime novel.

Richard Evans launched his new thriller, ‘The Mallee’, which focuses on the issues surrounding water in a fictional world close to our own. Political power and criminal leverage are used to achieve economic and social goals while following a female politician fighting for her community.

“Through The Mallee I aim to keep alive the critical issue of water rights in public debate, as well as exposing the political dark arts, the ruthless nature of the politics we never see,” Richard Evans said.

“The Mallee, and my other books, are a form of creative advocacy on contemporary issues. I use political fiction to pose different perspectives on issues important to the community.”

Evans’s novel highlights the socio-economic challenges of water allocation, the impact and responsibility of water rights’ license holders, and the role of politics and politicians in addressing these and other community issues.    

The once Federal Member of Parliament during the 1990s Keating-Howard era, Evans said he brings “authentic insider knowledge to his writing.” and an “understanding of how the political system operates beyond the headlines.”

The novel is part of his ‘Referendum Series’, where each title explores modern issues “confounding the Australian public which are sent to referendum to amend the Australian Constitution.”

Evans’ books have explored parliamentary integrity, equity and inclusion, Aboriginal sovereignty, euthanasia, capital punishment, and the manipulation of election campaigns.  

It is the first novel Evans has published since becoming a Whitsunday resident in September of this year.

In the future Evans has plans to complete a novel set in the region.

Author Richard Evans, a new Whitsunday resident and once Federal Member of Parliament, released his seventh crime novel in November

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