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Whitsunday Sailing Report

Twilight Race: 20 knot northerly winds and lumpy seas in the Coral Sea meant a smaller than normal fleet for the Whitsunday Sailing Club’s twilight race on Wednesday, February 1.

Only 10 boats braved the elements – but those who ventured out had an exhilarating experience, with a good view of the incoming thunderstorm looming from behind.

The first fleet away appeared to be caught out by the conditions and leaving their run to the start too late.  

Only Twister (Kevin Fogarty) made the start look easy, leading the fleet away, but they were soon engulfed by the faster boats in the fleet.  

Bobby’s Girl (Mark Beale) was delayed with a last minute sail change, allowing QMS Ponyo (John Galloway), Reignition (Charles Wallis), and Smooth Criminal (Leo Rodriguez) to lead at the first mark.

QMS Ponyo held a comfortable lead throughout as Bobby’s Girl worked back through the fleet, made easier when a clumsy mark rounding by Smooth Criminal delayed their progress.  

While all the action was at the front, Twister kept everyone on their toes, staying close enough to the leaders to take the corrected time win over QMS Ponyo and Reignition

A more aggressive start in Division Three saw Rossgo (Greg Hammon) leading the fleet away, but once again, Wobbly Boot (Craig Piccinelli) soon took the lead.  

The challenge for Rossgo was to try to keep Masquerade (Tom Vujasinovic) behind, but the smaller Masrm 750 found a way through, with these two boats in close proximity through the race, while Shiraz (John Cable) had a series of issues delaying their progress.  

All looked good until Wobbly Boot slowed with a split mainsail, reducing their progress sailing under headsail alone.  

They had just enough of a lead to cross the finishing line first, just in front of Masquerade and Rossgo.  This left Masquerade the winner on corrected time from Rossgo and Lama (Jim Hayes).

Races continue every Wednesday from 4:30pm, with limited crewing positions available.  Those wishing to participate as crew need to be at the club by 2:30 pm (limited spots available).

Contributed with thanks to Ross Chisholm

Caption: Sailboat Reignition, which this week lost out on corrected time to QMS Ponyo at Whitsunday Sailing Club’s Twilight Race last Wednesday

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