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Wolf Creek Actor Hosts Showing In Bowen

The last thing Ben De Luca from Bowen Summergarden Cinema expected was a phone call from an Australian film icon, but that’s exactly what happened.

Wolf Creek star, John Jarratt, phoned Ben, and asked him if he could host a Meet and Greet, preview his new film, and host a Q&A at Ben’s famous little cinema in Bowen.

John Jarratt loves independent cinemas, he says they sell Australian productions with more gusto than the big cinema chains.

Being a country boy himself, John knows how exciting it can be for people to meet “the Wolf Creek guy”.

Manager of Bowen Tourism and Business, Leanne Abernethy said having actor and director John Jarratt visit the town was very exciting.
“A lot of locals and visitors went to the meet and greet at Bowen Summergarden Cinema to meet John and he also called in at the Big Mango to say hello to the team,” Leanne said.

John wrote, produced, directed, and starred in his new film ‘What About Sal’ and he is hosting meet and greets, Q&A’s and showings in cinemas all over Australia.

‘What About Sal’ follows the story of a man with down syndrome who is losing his mother and then has to find his father.

This film has a wonderful message and John Jarratt said people with down syndrome can be much more intelligent than us.

“The main message of the film is that down syndrome people are important and they’re wonderful contributors to our societies,” he said.

“They’re emotionally more intelligent than we’ll ever be and they are capable of unconditional love, they’re quite extraordinary people.”

The film has a great cast, in the main role is Gerard Odwyer, who won Best Actor in the past.

John has heard nothing but praise about the film and says people stick around after the showings.

“No one has come up to me and said they don't like it, everyone loves it and we can't get rid of people after the show and that's always a good sign!” he added.

John tells audiences to bring tissues to their viewing but he also said there’s funny moments too.

John wants you to see this film, for your own viewing pleasure and to support Australian cinema.

“We’ve got the best actors in the world, some of the best directors but at the moment they’re not getting a fair go because there’s so many big Hollywood blockbusters flooding the market,” John said.

Ben De Luca, John Jarratt and Former Whitsunday Mayor, Julie Hall. Photo supplied

John Jarratt starred as the serial killer in the movie Wolf Creek. Photo supplied

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