Thursday, February 9, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

You Must Be Mad

Round the twist. Mad as a March hare.

How could anyone ride a bike like that? They’d have to be MAD.

Why is it that Mackay and District (MAD) BMX Club Inc. has built a reputation as one of the region’s favourite pastimes where kids shoot around its two, custom-built tracks in Mackay and Walkerston?

It’s because anyone can ride a bike!

Children from as young as two years of age head out to the courses in droves to take part in the weekly outings at the MAD BMX Club because they have already fallen in love with the sport.

There are toddlers with energy to burn, those already with a competitive fervour, and the ones looking for fun. And one better for parents looking for flexibility: you’re not locked into attending every week.

And it’s not just youngsters that take in the adrenaline-fuelled riding, adults of all ages find a community in BMX unlike any other, especially those who get to ride with their kids– and there are opportunities aplenty to come and try it for free.

MAD BMX Club will be hosting a booth at this weekend’s Mackay Sports Expo and a Come and Try Day next weekend on Sunday, February 19 for all ages to have a try at its Mackay Track.

Maybe you could find the sense of freedom that BMX gives its riders yourself.

Image: Darting around the course at Mackay and District (MAD) BMX Club Inc. is one of the region’s favourite pastimes

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