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Young Pageant Contestant With A Heart For Cancer Awareness

Eight-year-old Cindy, a Mackay local girl with big ambitions has recently advanced to the grand final of the Fashion vs Beauty competition, held in September 2024 on the Gold Coast.  

Cindy’s journey into the world of pageantry began when her mother entered her into the competition, where she effortlessly secured spots in both the Miss Photogenic and Miss Diamond International events.  
Under the guidance of Brooke Lee Modelling since September 2023, Cindy has embarked on a path she hopes will lead her to become an influencer, inspired by her aunty Jessica.

While her aspirations in modelling and influencing remain at her core, Cindy is also passionately committed to a cause close to her family’s heart - the #Love Your Ovaries Campaign.  

This campaign aims to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer research which is a cause deeply personal to Cindy and her family due to various forms of cancer affecting their loved ones.  

Cindy’s motivation for supporting the #Love Your Ovaries Campaign stems from her mother’s own health scare with pre-cancerous cervical cells and the recent loss of her Grandad Colin, who served in the war, to cancer.  

Currently, Cindy's Lola is bravely fighting cancer as well, which continues to strengthen her passion and commitment to raising awareness and funds for early detection research.

To support the cause, Cindy has initiated a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising $1,000.  

While she has made an initial contribution with donations from her mother and aunt Kelly, Cindy remains hopeful that her efforts will gather momentum and achieve her fundraising goal in time for the competition.  

Notably, all participants in the Miss Diamond and Miss Photogenic events will contribute to this charitable effort, with the organisers pledging to match the donations raised, making a significant impact on the #Love Your Ovaries Campaign.

Outside of her charity work and modelling pursuits, Cindy seems to be a major Queensland Broncos fan and says she likes to watch the footy.  

“I like watching football…I go for the Broncos…and I like Reece Walsh.”  

Looking forward, Cindy aspires to become a lawyer when she’s older, where she can ‘make lots of money’ and combine her love for glamorous styles and makeup whilst fighting for legal rights.

Cindy’s mother, Monique, expresses immense pride in her daughter’s achievements and her dedication to supporting the #Love Your Ovaries Foundation.

“I’m very proud and excited that Cindy went through the grand finale, it was a really good experience and modelling just seems to be her thing,” said Monique.

“Cindy suffers from separation anxiety ever since she was a baby and still hasn’t outgrown it but with modelling Cindy feels safe and knows that mum is just outside waiting during lessons and mum will never be far away.

“I was very surprised that Cindy accepted the invitation to the grand final.

“We’ve been through a lot and we’ve had a big impact with all different cancers so it’s a good one to help support.”

To contribute to Cindy’s mission, please donate to:

Eight-year-old Cindy is making waves in the modelling industry as she prepares to go to the Fashion vs Beauty competition held in September 2024 on the Gold Coast. Images supplied

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