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You’re Invited! To the Premiere Of The Misogyny Opus

After much preparation and anticipation, Karen Jacobsen’s pop-orchestral masterpiece entitled The Misogyny Opus, is ready for its world premiere, which is due to take place at the Mackay Entertainment and Culture Centre (MECC) next weekend.

Karen is passionate about giving everyone in the community an opportunity to feel inspired by the words of Australia’s first female prime minister, Julie Gillard, who delivered her famous misogyny speech in 2012.

By setting these powerful words to music and performing the speech in its 55-minute entirety, Karen hopes to raise the issue of equality and draw our attention to how, despite substantial developments, we still live in a world of gender discrimination.

She believes this is an important message we need to share with our children and hopes the song will spark conversation within our boarder communities.

Joined on stage by the world class musicians from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, the performance is set to be both transformational and enlightening.

Cellist Craig Allister Young, who brings with him over 30 years of experience in arranging and orchestrating music, said he was deeply moved during the process of orchestrating the piece.

“During the (orchestral) process, I found myself feeling angry that this type of behaviour was present in our highest offices, not in a distant past but at a time where Australia is moving towards a more equitable society,” he said.

Any Whitsunday residents who wish to attend the event are invited to book a seat on the dedicated minibus which will take you there.

WHAT: The Misogyny Opus


WHEN: April 28-29


Karen Jacobsen performs The Misogyny Opus, Not Now, Not Ever at the MECC next week. Photo supplied

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