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For the past seven days, thousands of holidays makers have been unable to travel with local marine tourism operator, Cruise Whitsundays, who have had to cancel all experiential tours due to a staff strike. While the company hoped to resolve the issue following four separate proposals lodged with the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), sadly the union announced a second week of strikes would commence early next week. The striking workforce were legally bound to return to duties this Thursday and

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Editor's Note

Editor's Note

Hi Everyone, It’s been a huge week here at the paper as, not only have we been busy producing the newspaper you are holding, but we have also been working on the first edition of our new sister publication, Burdekin Life Newspaper. Over the past few weeks, we have welcomed three new staff members and moved our Mackay journalist to Home Hill where he has become our ‘man on the ground’. As I am writing this on Wednesday afternoon, our entire team are about to head up to the Burdekin to attend a

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Daydream Island At The Heart Of Innovation

Daydream Island At The Heart Of Innovation

Daydream Island and Living Reef took centre stage this week, with Whitsunday Coast Airport announcing a partnership with budget airline Bonza, to launch a range of exciting holiday packages. These new opportunities will benefit both tourists and locals who will be able to book a range of experiences that include air-travel, accommodation, and experiences all in one booking. Tourists will be able to book their dream holidays in the Whitsundays and locals will be able to travel to the 21 differe

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Big Celebrations For Collinsville CWA

Big Celebrations For Collinsville CWA

Collinsville Queensland Country Women’s Association (CWA) celebrated the grand opening of their brand-new hall last weekend, Saturday 23. With a fantastic variety of stalls making up their garden market, the women of the Collinsville branch were eager to show off the new faciality, which will become a community asset for years to come. “The celebrations included congratulatory speeches, ribbon and cake cutting and planting of fruit trees,” said a representative from Collinsville CWA. “There wa

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Crime On The Rise

September 28, 2023

Mackay has been host to a spike in violent crime recently, leaving residents concerned for their safety.

Within the last 10 days, police allege three instances of violent crime have occurred within Mackay.

On Friday September 15, police allege that four men were outside a Rural View address, when they were confronted by a group of unknown people.

The two groups entered a verbal confrontation before it is alleged that one of the unknown groups stole one of the men’s handbags, which contained several items of property.

The groups entered a physical altercation, with all four men receiving injuries of varying degrees of severity.

Two men were transported to Mackay Hospital.

On Tuesday September 19, police allege two other instances of violent crime occurred.

Mackay Police reported that a man attended a massage business on Nebo Road and threatened a female employee with a firearm, before fleeing with a sum of money and cards.

Later the same day, police allege the same man attended a home business on Prospect Street and threatened a female worker with a knife before fleeing with a quantity of cash.

Neither woman was physically harmed, and the 30-year-old Mackay man was later arrested by police, without incident.

He has been charged with two counts of armed robbery and one count each of fraud, possessing dangerous drugs, and failing to appear in accordance with an undertaking.

Man Charged With Traffic Accident Causing Death

Police have charged a 28-year-old New South Wales driver with one count of driving without due care and attention causing death.

The accident, occurring on the morning of September 16, saw a Toyota Corolla, driven by the 28-year-old man, turn onto Cathu O’Connell River Road in front of a motorbike.

The 71-year-old Bakers Creek man passed away due to the accident.

The 28-year-old man has been summoned to appear before Mackay Magistrates Court in November.

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Sudsy Challenge Supporting Struggling Aussies This September

September 28, 2023

Local construction company, CiteCon, have partnered with homelessness support charity, Orange Sky, to take part in the ‘Sudsy Challenge’ this September, raising funds and awareness of homelessness in the Mackay region.

Orange Sky provides free mobile laundry services for people experiencing hardships and isolation in Mackay and across Australia.

New research by Orange Sky reveals that one in three Australians have been severely impacted by the cost-of-living crisis.

In light of this fact, the not-for-profit organisation is calling for Australians to register for the Sudsy Challenge, to raise awareness and funds for people doing it tough.

The Sudsy Challenge runs throughout September, aiming to raise funds for people experiencing hardship. Participants of the challenge are encouraged to ‘keep their kit on’ for three consecutive days, in a bid to spark real conversations on the topic of homelessness.

CiteCon held a BBQ in honour of their tremendous efforts this week, encouraging open conversations between their staff about homelessness and the power of communication and community spirit.

Co-Founder and Finance Manager of CiteCon, Rebecca Gardner states, “Suicide rates in the construction industry for 19-25 year-old men is astounding.

“Those young men might end up on the street, or something happens in their lives and this might help them. So for us it’s full circle, that’s why we support it.”

Rebecca said it is humbling to be a part of an event like this

“It opens your eyes and makes you realise, there are a lot of people out there in need,” she said.

“It’s good for our team to be able to support a cause like this. I’d really like to see a Mackay challenge, all you’re giving is your energy and communication.

“It would be great to see everyone get involved.”

CiteCon has raised more than $9,000 in just three days. They are in the top four of the Sudsy Challenge teams across Australia and New Zealand, for the second year in a row.

Lisa Jamieson, Mackay Service Leader at Orange Sky, says that having open conversations is the biggest key to battling the misconceptions surrounding homelessness.

Lisa stresses that it is important to provide a safe space for people to feel connected with their community and realise they are not alone in facing their everyday battles.

Through The Sudsy Challenge, individuals can rally up their friends, colleagues and peers together to make an even bigger impact in the lives of people doing it tough, to strengthen bonds and create lasting change.

Orange Sky encourages the local community to register for the Sudsy Challenge, to raise awareness and funds for homelessness. For more information and to get involved in The 2023 Sudsy Challenge, visit

Mackay Service Leader at Orange Sky, Lisa Jaimeson and Co-Founder and Finance Manager of CiteCon, Rebecca Gardner.

Project Manager, Michael White, cooking up a barbeque breakfast for the CiteCon team.

CiteCon team attending their morning BBQ alongside Lisa Jaimeson.

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Mackay Chamber's Vision Amidst The 2024 Election Winds

September 28, 2023

Some of the best in business gathered at Magpies Sporting Complex for a pivotal event that would not only reflect on the past but also cast an astute eye toward the horizon.

The Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce's Annual General Meeting convened with a sense of purpose, drawing over 30 local member businesses keen to grasp the Chamber's accomplishments and vision. At the forefront of discussions lay an impending storm on the political landscape – the 2024 elections, potentially bringing forth three pivotal polls. Against this backdrop, the Chamber stood resolute in its role as a voice for the local business community, poised to pose the hard-hitting questions essential to Mackay's future.

Chamber President, Geoff O’Connor delivered the year in review, outlining the Chamber’s proactive approach to advocacy.

“We want to make sure we have an ear to the ground on exactly what is happening in the region, and with 2024 bringing with it 2, possibly 3 elections, it is more important than ever we are poised to ask the difficult questions of all levels of government.”

“We are continuing to drive the rejuvenation of the City Centre, our passion project, by supporting the Mackay City Heart Collective and continuing to work toward a Designated Migration Agreement - a small step toward addressing the skills shortage.”

Geoff noted that last year's special resolution to extend the term of the management team to two years really enabled the committee to continue its vision to “To build and sustain a thriving business community through strong leadership.”

Vicki Smith gave an update on the Chamber Strategic Plan and told the engaged attendees that “Instating and committing to the processes and KPI measures created from the strategy document has elevated the Chamber’s approach to governance and management – promoting long-term sustainability and securing the future of this iconic and important organisation.”

The Mackay Region Chamber Management Committee consist of:

Ash-Lee Johnson (Mackay Regional Council), Maree Sturdy (Treadwell Tyres), Katie Duncan (McKays Solicitors), Geoff O’Connor (SBB Partners), Madeleine Connors (NE Foods | The Dispensary), Elizabeth Dent (DGL Accountants), Cathy Sullivan (Mount Pleasant Centre), Vicki Smith (Concept Consulting), James Wortley (EFS Financial Services)

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New Substation Powering Mackay's Riverfront Future

September 28, 2023

Mackay city is now better prepared to face major weather events with the official opening of the new flood-resistant Mackay City Substation, located at Tennyson Street. The $28 million substation is designed to withstand a one in 200-year flood event, providing greater resilience to the region.

This significant project includes the installation of two new transformers, a control room, operating switchgear, and power cables. The substation has been successfully electrically commissioned, resulting in improved quality and reliability of electricity supply for homes and businesses in Mackay.

Member for Mackay Julieanne Gilbert said the new Mackay City Substation will support around 4,600 customers with the capacity to cater for the future needs of the CBD, including the newly developed and planned tourism and entertainment precinct on the riverfront.

“Based on build back better principles and past experiences such as the impact of the 1971 floods on Tennyson Street, the new substation is designed to withstand a one in 200-year flood event,” she said.

“This is a complex project which has taken time to design, construct and commission, but the community will reap the benefits of the new substation for many years to come.”

Ergon is continuing its work at the site, which involves the recovery of old underground cables and conduit, demolition of the old substation, and the construction of a new car park.

The energy resilience of the Mackay region will also receive an additional boost with the announcement of a new network-connected battery set to be installed adjacent to Ergon's substation on Peachs Road, Marion South. This 4MW / 8 MWh battery is part of the second stage of Energy Queensland's local network-connected batteries project, which aims to deploy 12 new batteries in communities across the state.

The battery's purpose is to store excess renewable energy generated by solar PV systems during the day and release it during the evening when electricity demand typically surges. This initiative contributes to a more sustainable and reliable energy supply for the region.

Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment Cameron Dick said that infrastructure like the substation and battery are vital parts of getting Mackay ready for Queensland’s supergrid.

“A reliable power grid that is built to deal with increased renewable energy electricity generation will mean more resilient businesses, with greater capacity for industrial growth,” he said.

At the official substation opening in Mackay, Treasurer Dick said the Marian South battery will capture solar power from rooftops west of Mackay, returning it to the grid when the sun goes down.

“That puts downward pressure on electricity bills to help local residents better deal with the cost of living.”

Construction of the battery is planned to commence in 2024.

Queensland Treasurer Cameron Dick joined Member for Mackay Julieanne Gilbert and Ergon Energy Area Manager Daniel Werthenbach to officially open Mackay City’s new substation on Tennyson Street. Photo credit: Amanda Wright

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A Walk To Limit Division Amongst Australians

September 28, 2023

Locals in favour of the ‘No’ vote gathered at the Bluewater Quay on Saturday, 23rd September ahead of the upcoming Voice referendum, with prominent key figures from the Mackay region attending to share their opinion on the campaign, following a walk across Forgan Bridge.

The campaign is also known as ‘Australians for Unity’, led by Shadow Indigenous Australians Minister, Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and Nyunggai Warren Mundine.

On the opposing side, Yes23 are campaigning for ‘listening, recognition and better results’.

The ‘Yes’ vote campaigners are three groups with a shared history and objective: the enshrinement of an Indigenous voice to parliament in the constitution.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party has become a spearhead of the ‘No’ vote campaign. The group aims to limit racial division and encourage Treaty as a first and foremost priority within the Federal government.

Mr. Stephen Andrew, parliamentary member of the Mirani electorate for the One Nation party, commented in opposition of the Voice to Parliament.

Mr. Andrew stated, “Think about core values and what this really means, its’ tokenistic at best,” he said.

“There’s a lot of elite people out there trying to push one agenda.

“Australia is a democracy, never forget it.”

Patricia Brady, or ‘Aunty Patsy’ is a fifth generation Indigenous Elder of the Birri Gubba nation, who took to the stage to share her history as a First Nations person and what ‘the voice’ means to her.

Sharing her emotional story to the crowd of attendees, Aunty Patsy detailed her childhood and the atrocities she faced when her and other families were removed from country and placed into missions.

Aunty Patsy shared, “Our greatest strength is our spiritual connection to the land. We don’t own the land, the land owns us.

“They introduced Native Title and Land Councils to divide us, to leave those of us remaining, fighting over money,” she said.

“We want to see the wealth of this country return to all. We want you to know that we all can live in the world we share and respect each other and the land.

“Our people have to stand together side by side, we must put our prejudice aside and move forward as one.”

Other prominent figures at the event included Patricia’s daughter, Vicky, and Kim Robertson.

To find out more information about the efforts of the ‘No’ campaign, visit

For information regarding the referendum, visit

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Terminals Are Soundly Operated

September 28, 2023

By Kevin Borg, Chairman, CANEGROWERS Mackay

Queensland CANEGROWERS has been calling on Sugar Terminals Limited (STL) to listen to their grower shareholders, encouraging them strongly to step out of the city and into a regional growing area to hold its Annual General Meeting.

This is a fair and reasonable call: Bundaberg isn’t so far from Brisbane. The Burdekin is a stone’s throw from Townsville. Mackay has many flights in from Brisbane every day. We’d welcome the regional venue.

At the time of writing, a date and venue had not been set for the STL AGM, but I’ll take the wager that it stays firmly in Brisbane, because the board is hesitant to answer growers on why industry assets like our sugar ports may move into a more privatised model of operation, insourced to STL.

Until now, I would say the sugar industry has operated on an open and democratic system, and has established a network of ports that allow for our industry to control the flow of sugar to market- to hold it in storage in times of low prices, to let it be exported in prosperous times.

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) stands at the heart of that arrangement. It’s a not-for-profit with growers as members, with an industry ownership structure that listens to industry and its members, and at most times implements systems that enhance our industry.

It has done an outstanding job of operating our sugar terminals for many years, delivering 7.2 million tonnes in the 22-23 FY - an increase on the last financial year.

STL is a listed company, and so is duty bound to maximise profits for shareholder benefit. And not all of those have a stake in the sugar industry, as set out in STL’s constitution.

As a listed company, STL operates under a constitution, which clearly states shares are for Active Growers, with a current cane supply contract. It also states that if they become Inactive Growers they must “dispose of all their G Class shares as soon as practicable.” Unfortunately, this is not being enforced. STL must not bow to the needs of unconstitutional shareholders. Constitutional shareholders must be heard on the subject of port operation.

Some will say, what does it matter if the badge on terminal staff’s shirt changes? But the issue is far bigger. It is about long-term transparency, and the two-party approach to running terminals was enshrined in the establishment of our industry’s Code of Conduct. A vitally important tool that protects growers and the supply chain from monopoly behaviour in an environment of increasing foreign ownership of sugar industry companies.

If you don’t need a sugar specialist to handle your sugar, then what are the other commodities in which they need to specialise. To what extent do these industry assets slip away into the whim and realm of the demands of other commodities.

North Queensland Bulk Ports was delighted to announce in recent weeks that the port, riding on the back of sugar, had had a record year. That sugar throughput was at a 15-year record at 102,000t of raw sugar. That throughput is testimony to the excellent work of QSL as terminal operators here in Mackay - and along the Queensland seaboard.

Having a terminal owner (STL) AND a terminal operator QSL creates a model of checks and balances, of transparency. To lose this is to see a monopoly gained on what, for our industry, is a chokepoint asset.

QSL are known for efficiently delivering Queensland‘s sugar exports at terminals along the seaboard. Picture: contributed

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Turn Your Tradie Skills Into Teachable Lessons

September 28, 2023

Queensland's Trade to Teach Internship program, in partnership with CQUniversity (CQU), is expanding its horizons with additional funding from the Queensland Government. The program, which facilitates the transition of qualified tradies into teaching careers, is set to receive a $10 million boost.

Education Minister Grace Grace recently announced the expansion, offering qualified and experienced tradespeople even more opportunities to pursue teaching. The Trade to Teach program provides successful applicants with a $20,000 scholarship, a paid internship, and a guaranteed permanent teaching position, with a specialisation in Industrial Technology and Design at a Queensland state secondary school.

Launched in 2022, the pilot program currently has 38 participants who began their education degrees this year at CQU or the University of Southern Queensland. These aspiring teachers will enter the classroom as interns with a half teaching load starting in 2024. The new applicants will commence their studies in 2024 and begin their teaching careers in 2025.

Dr. Corey Bloomfield, CQU's Head of Course for the Bachelor of Education and the Diploma of Secondary School Teaching, expressed enthusiasm for the program's renewal. Out of the 38 pilot participants, 22 are now pursuing further tertiary education at CQU.

Trade to Teach Internship participant Daniel Parslow, a former fitter and turner and electrician with 18 years of experience, sought a career change. He highlighted the program's guaranteed wage during the second to fourth years of study as a significant incentive, considering the financial challenges faced by many transitioning tradies.

Applications for the Trade to Teach Internship Program are open until Monday, October 2. Eligible tradespeople looking to embark on a teaching career can apply through the Teach Queensland website at

Photo credit: CQUniversity

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Skills Shortage, Rising Costs And Government Policy Key Industry Concerns

September 28, 2023

A new report from the Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has revealed skilled worker shortages, government policy settings, rising costs and global economic conditions are among the main concerns for resources companies operating in Queensland.

They’re among the key findings of QRC’s quarterly check of industry sentiment on the future outlook for the resources sector in Queensland through a State of the Sector survey of company CEOs.

QRC Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane said the report reveals a number of key obstacles stand in the way of Queensland capitalising on emerging opportunities from the global push to a lower emissions future.

“The world is looking to Queensland, amongst other countries, to meet surging demand for critical minerals like copper and nickel to build the batteries, solar panels and electrical vehicles of the future, which will be central to achieving ambitious decarbonisation targets,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“To meet global demand, however, significant new investment is required in Queensland but right now, that’s under a cloud because of recent, sudden changes in economic policy.

“At the same time, member company CEOs are reporting increasing concerns over rising costs and global economic conditions are impacting business confidence.

That’s why all levels of governments need to do what it can to actively encourage the next wave of resources investment to keep the Queensland economy strong.

“Instead, we’ve seen the opposite, with the State Government’s decision to impose the world’s highest coal royalty tax rate adding to companies’ rising costs and threatening future investment in Queensland projects,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“Amid heightened concerns about the global economic outlook, a better approach would be for Queensland to offer stable and consistent policy settings to attract long-term investors in a competitive market, both in Australia and internationally.”

While resources CEOs say the move to a lower emissions future will create opportunities for growth, the QRC report identified the skilled worker shortage as a growing concern for companies.

“More than half of CEOs say the move to automation and digitalisation will mean more jobs, however 95 per cent say a shortage of skilled workers will affect productivity and profitability,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“With demand for graduates in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) related degrees forecast to increase by 25 per cent over the next five years, one positive is that companies are individually taking action to attract and retain workers.

“Along with their ongoing support for the QRC’s educational arm, the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy, which delivers workshops to promote career opportunities in resources in almost 100 schools each year, resources companies are increasingly conducting their own local campaigns to recruit new graduates to the sector.

“It’s encouraging to see the industry taking action where it can to support new opportunities for all Queenslanders from the growing global market for our new and traditional minerals,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“However, as this report reaffirms, there is an urgent need for the Queensland Government to improve its policy settings so the resources sector can continue to drive the job opportunities and economic success that benefits every Queenslander.”

QRC Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane

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Hot Tips To Secure Your Dream Job

September 28, 2023

Are you on the hunt for a new job? It’s a tale as old as time, you apply for a position that interests you, then wait to never hear a response.

Read ahead for advice to ace your next job interview and excel in your career!

Write yourself a career plan

It can be beneficial to have an understanding of who you want to be, in a professional sense.

Write a plan including your must-haves and dealbreakers – companies you’d like to work with, your preferred working hours, goals for career development, etc.

Keep this list close and make sure the next job you apply for aligns with your plan.

Refresh your CV

Your resume, while keeping it concise, should reflect your best roles and experiences. It is important to have reliable references that will vouch for your character.

Expand your network

Connect with your existing leads that have similar career trajectories. Maximise your search with companies like SEEK and register with local recruitment companies.

Let them know you’re searching for a new job and watch the opportunities begin to flow in.

Prepare for the interview

Research the company you’re applying for, understand their values and have questions ready to show your interest.

Wear an outfit that makes you feel sophisticated, yet comfortable. Maintain eye contact with your interviewee and shake their hand on arrival.

If nerves arise, ask someone close to you to perform a mock interview with you.

You are now well on your way to the career of your dreams!

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WorkPac Are The People’s Company In Recruitment

September 28, 2023

WorkPac Recruitment Mackay will be attending the Mackay Jobs Fair on 10th October, at CQ University. The core principle of WorkPac is to offer career management to talented individuals for a vast range of career classifications, from low skill to professional roles.

WorkPac has over 12,000+ Field Team Members employed daily on client sites and projects across Australia, making them one of the leading specialists of mining recruitment throughout the country.

WorkPac will be on the search for both new and experienced operators who are interested in work within the Bowen Basin, containing the largest coal reserves in Australia.

These roles will primarily be in production roles, offering a substantial range to suit everyone’s needs. Utilising their extensive network of employers, WorkPac will connect you with the best.

Specialised recruitment consultants will be engaging with potential employees, talking them through the various roles available and helping to match them with their ideal job within the mining industry.

A major goal for WorkPac is the opportunity to engage with school-leavers, to help educate them on what the company offers as well as providing general advice, networking and connections for their futures in the mining industry.

The current vacancies offered by WorkPac include but are not limited to:

● Traineeship -Warehouse

● Traineeship – Dump Truck Operators

● Experienced Dump Truck Operators

● Administration Roles

● Hoses – CHPP

● Escort Drivers

● Bench Hands – Blast Crew

● Civil Up Skill Operators

● Labourers

● Experienced Warehouse Assistants

Find the WorkPac Recruitment offices at 55 Gordon Street, Mackay, or visit for more information.

Employees of WorkPac Recruitment Mackay

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One Decision Can Change Your Future

September 28, 2023


In the ever-evolving landscape of employment, the upcoming Mackay Jobs Fair on Tuesday, October 10th, promises not just a chance to connect with potential employers but a gateway to real jobs for real people. With more than 30 organisations participating, the fair offers a diverse range of opportunities that may surprise attendees.

From traineeships designed for individuals with no prior work experience to positions for registered nurses, skilled tradies, efficient administration officers, and even managerial roles, the job spectrum on display at the fair covers all fronts. Whether you are starting your career journey or looking to take it to the next level, there may well be a position waiting to elevate your lifestyle.

Scott McPherson, an Employer Business Broker at IDEAL Placements, emphasised the importance of making a strong first impression. "First impressions matter, and this jobs fair bridges the gap between eager job seekers and businesses ready to hire.”

“If you're the right fit for the job, you might just find yourself interviewing on the spot. So, remember the fundamentals: dress to impress, good eye contact and a firm handshake."

The Mackay Jobs Fair is a collaborative effort between IDEAL Placements, CQUniversity, and Local Jobs Program Mackay, designed to benefit the local community. The organisers are committed to making this event accessible to everyone, especially small local businesses. Thanks to the support of these businesses, the fair is entirely free, and CQUniversity has generously provided the venue.

Mr McPherson further highlighted the positive impact such initiatives can have on the community.

"We're proud to connect businesses with the community, enhancing overall prosperity. When individuals have more disposable income, it circulates back into the local economy. Our goal is not just to address the skills shortage but to take concrete action."

The significance of this fair extends beyond job placements—it's about fostering self-sufficiency within the community. By actively addressing the labour shortage gaps in Mackay and hiring locally, the event plays a pivotal role in reducing the need to recruit from out of town. This, in turn, contributes to alleviating the pressing housing crisis that has burdened the region.

For young people, especially, the path to employment is fraught with hurdles, including the prohibitive costs associated with leaving home and securing a place of their own. Additionally, the high cost of petrol and the requirement to complete 100 hours of driving to obtain a license pose substantial financial challenges. These barriers can feel insurmountable, particularly for underprivileged youth who often face the brunt of these financial constraints, leaving them feeling left behind in their pursuit of employment opportunities.

"We're here to say that your current circumstances don't determine your future,” McPherson added.

“Consider the CEO of McDonald's, who started with 20-hour-per-week shifts and rose to become the Australian CEO. At IDEAL Placements, we don't merely place individuals in jobs; we work with them to shape their desired future."

McPherson encouraged attendees to focus on their forward journey, stating, "Your first job is just the beginning. You can chart your own course. The key is to start, work diligently, and demonstrate initiative."

He also highlighted the importance of small local businesses in the community, citing their willingness to hire trainees and individuals with disabilities, leading to enriched workplaces and higher profits due to reduced turnover. The Chamber of Commerce has thrown its support behind the jobs fair, recognising the potential to bridge workforce gaps among its members.

The Mackay Jobs Fair is not just an event; it's a platform for individuals to take the first step towards their desired future while fostering community growth and prosperity.

So mark your calendars for October 10th at CQUniversity Sydney Street campus and join us at the Mackay Jobs Fair, where opportunities await, and your future begins.


Some of the jobs available at the jobs fair include:

House Keeper

Bar and Gaming Attendant

Hospitality Duty Manager






Trade Assistants

Forklift Operators

Trainee Freight Officer

Drivers – All License Classes

Supermarket Roles – Various Roles Across Many Stores

Diesel Fitters

Trade Apprentices


Office Administrators

Support Workers – Various Roles

Fast Food Opportunities

Graduate Accountant

Trainee Accountant

Receptionist and Assistant

Labourers – Parks and Gardens

Manufacturing Assistant

Business Support Officer

Civil Operations Labourer

Machine Operators

Courier Drivers

Food and Beverage

Registered Midwife

Registered Nurses – Surgical, Emergency, Scrub

Nurse Unit Manager

CSSD Assistants

Key Account Manager

Lead Estimator

Financial Planning

Police Liaison Officers

Assistant Watch House Officer

Various Mining, Mill and Manufacturing Positions

Field Technician


Tyre Fitters

Wheel Aligners


Taxi Drivers – Full Time Or Part Time

Costing Clerk

Communication Centre Supervisor



Escort Drivers

Blast Crew

Trainee Dump Truck Operators

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124 Night Stay In Home Away From Home

September 28, 2023

Mackay parents Jessica and Cameron Marller have spent 124 nights at Ronald McDonald House Townsville, while their twins, Alexander and William received medical treatment in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Townsville University Hospital.

“Our story begins with a routine check-up with specialist Doctor Watson at Townsville University Hospital on the 16th of December 2022.

“I was 26 weeks and three days pregnant with Monochorionic (MCDA) identical twin boys,” Jessica said.

“The ultrasound revealed that Twin A had Intrauterine growth restriction and I also had a shortened cervix.”

Jessica was admitted to hospital, expecting a few nights stay, but another surprise was underway.

“I spent Friday night in the hospital, then on Saturday morning at 4 am, Twin A's water broke much to my surprise.

“We thought it was ‘go time’, but Doctors were able to slow it down, so I could get two steroid shots to further the twin's lung development,” Jessica said.

Jessica had another ultrasound on Sunday and was asked if she was ready to deliver the babies that day.

“Things had progressed, and concern was growing for Twin A. I was open to the idea and only wanted the best possible outcome for the babies and myself,” Jessica said.

“I was whisked away to get an emergency c-section. The twins were born at 10:30 am and 10:32 am that day.”

Immediately after the birth, the twins were admitted into the NICU due to their extreme prematurity, however four days later, Twin A, Alexander needed bowel surgery, due to Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).

“This was a harrowing experience for my husband and me,” Jessica reflected.

“He would need a stoma bag which was eventually reversed before we came home.

“This was the start of our journey through NICU and then eventually the Special Care Unit at the hospital.”

Ronald McDonald House Townsville opened their doors to the couple, while their twins remained in the NICU.

“It was nice to have our own room and shared kitchen to prepare food.

“Also, the open pantry and fridge with readymade meals were a godsend when we were too exhausted to cook.”

“We met lots of people during our 124-night stay at Ronald McDonald House. It was nice to talk to other parents who had bubs up at the hospital and support each other along the way.

The family returned to Mackay in April, after staying at the Ronald McDonald House for 124 nights.

“Our boys Alexander and William are doing well and growing every day,” Jessica updated.

Cameron, Jessica, Alexander and William, in NICU in Townsville University Hospital

Going home after 124 nights. Photos supplied

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Property Point

September 28, 2023

In a world over-powered by opinionated ignorance and blemished by virtue signalling, the issue of coal stands out as a beacon of frustration and absurdity.

If you want to get a good taste of it, tune in to an ABC news or current affairs program and listen to the discussion about the demise of coal.

Opinions are strong, dogmatic and uncompromising. Unfortunately, they also misrepresent the facts and fail to give a true picture of what is happening.

Listen to the discussion and you will learn that coal is finished, that the jobs are about to disappear and that communities like Mackay are doomed.

The problem is that in the world of the commentariat, no one seems to know the difference between thermal coal and metallurgical coal.

Thermal coal is used to fire up power plants and, yes, there is a big push in Australia and elsewhere in the Western world to put a stop to it.

However, something like 80 per cent of the coal produced in our region, the Bowen Basin, is metallurgical (or coking) coal, which is used to produce steel.

And that is going to be the case for a long time, which is good for businesses and, by extension, real estate, in our city.

We are certainly diversifying in what we do in this region but our steel-making coal is in big demand and that’s not expected to change any time soon.

I quote from BMA’s most-recent annual report: “We are continuing to focus our metallurgical coal operations in Queensland on higher-quality product and have one of the lowest GHG emission production intensities of benchmarked export metallurgical coal mines.

“We believe a wholesale shift away from blast furnace steel making , which uses metallurgical coal, is still decades in the future and as a result metallurgical coal will remain an essential input into the steel-making process and a critical input to support decarbonisation infrastructure over the coming decades.

“We believe higher-quality coals for steelmaking have greater potential upside for quality premiums as steelmakers seek to improve blast furnace utilisation and reduce GHG emission intensity  of production.”

Our region is diversifying and looking to be part of the renewable energy push by using our engineering and manufacturing expertise. It’s what we need to do to grow and evolve.

But our governments and leaders and media need to get better at explaining that we produce and export primarily steel-making coal and that stuff is different to the evil thermal stuff that the commentariat is so obsessed with.

The future of our economy and, by extension, our real estate sector, looks good but it’s time we started shouting that from the rooftops. Because it’s true and a dose of the truth would be a good thing.

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Community - A Sense Of Belonging

September 28, 2023

As this term of council is nearing the end, I thought it would be good to reflect on community and what that means for me as a person and as an elected representative.

As a person, belonging in community improves my motivation, health and happiness. Being involved in community enhances my value in life. Making meaningful relationships with people and genuinely caring about people and their wellbeing is important to me.

I enjoy building close relationships with others and I find deep satisfaction in working hard with people to achieve a goal. I believe that my authenticity allows me to build long-lasting connections that foster trust and confidence. I look for the raw potential in people and actively invest in their development. Encouragement helps me and others to learn, grow and improve. I have certain core values that are unchanging and out of these values emerges a defined purpose for life.

As a councillor, I love working with community organisations to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. Building trust and being respectful to others helps ensure a cohesive group of people can deliver on the purpose of that organisation.  Ensuring that everyone in the group can be heard, and genuinely value what people have to say, enables the group to be progressive.  When you are part of a group, club or organisation, you strengthen your sense of belonging – not just in the group, but in the wider community.

I truly appreciate the work that all our community volunteers undertake daily.  I am fortunate to attend many different meetings throughout the year and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of time, commitment and passion volunteers invest in their organisation. I do get disheartened when the organisers of groups are sometimes under attack from other members of the group. We must not allow this sort of behaviour to become the norm. Yes, different opinions are good, however, it is how you voice those opinions that really matters.

If we are to grow and develop as a community, we must call out this sort of behaviour and encourage and support the people who are genuinely there with purpose and passion.

Cr Karen May

Deputy Mayor

Mackay Regional Council

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Play And Peaceful Parenting For Cheeky Little Monkeys

September 28, 2023

In the heart of Mackay, nestled on Level 1 of Canelands Shopping Centre, parents have discovered a haven where their little ones can play, explore, and unleash their boundless energy. Say hello to Cheeky Little Monkeys Play Centre, the ultimate destination for children under 5.

This fully enclosed, safe play space has become a cherished haven for parents seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. From as little as $6 for under-1s and $10 for 1-5-year-olds, parents can sit back and relax in the seated area while their tiny tots embark on grand adventures amid fun equipment and soft mats. Additional children over 1 are only $8. One of the most delightful aspects of Cheeky Little Monkeys is that it offers unlimited playtime. This accessible pricing makes it a go-to destination for families seeking quality entertainment without breaking the bank.

The entire play centre is cleaned regularly, ensuring a hygienic environment, and it's perpetually supervised by attentive child minders. Here, every safety measure is in place to offer parents peace of mind.

One of the main attractions at Cheeky Little Monkeys is the big ball pit, where kids can immerse themselves in a world of colourful balls, laughter, and endless fun. While the little ones literally have a ball, parents can treat themselves to a comforting coffee and put their feet up, all within arm's reach of the play area.

But Cheeky Little Monkeys goes beyond just playtime. If parents need some uninterrupted hours to run errands or do their shopping, the play centre offers four creche spots per hour for an hourly child-minding fee. During this time, experienced staff members take care of your child, while you enjoy some guilt-free shopping and dining within the shopping centre.

For those looking to celebrate a special occasion, Cheeky Little Monkeys can be exclusively booked for birthday parties. Imagine a stress-free birthday celebration where children play in a secure, immaculate environment, while adults either join in the festivities or simply relax and watch the magic unfold.

Mackay Life Editor, Amanda Wright, attests to the invaluable nature of Cheeky Little Monkeys' creche services.

"Finding daycare in Mackay is exceptionally challenging," Amanda remarked.

"When I need a few hours to meet with clients or conduct interviews, I schedule them into a two or three-hour block at Canelands. This allows me to get essential work done uninterrupted, knowing that my son is in safe hands and enjoying himself.

“The staff there are fantastic with children, and it's a great feeling to return to a smiling baby!"

Cheeky Little Monkeys Play Centre isn't just a place for play; it's a sanctuary for parents and a source of joy for children, where the essence of childhood is celebrated every day.

Photo credit: Amanda Wright

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