Thursday, November 2, 2023


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Clean Up The Yard To Prepare For Storm Season

Following up from State Emergency Service – Mackay Regional Unit’s informative video, read ahead for some handy tips in preparing your yard against potential damages when strong wind gusts blow through your property.

Things you may need:

- Star pickets or solid stakes

- Ropes/Straps

- Garden shed or storage area

Tie down and secure bulky items such as trampolines, patio furniture, barbeques and washing lines.

Store smaller items in areas such as a garden shed, carport or other suitable storage facility with a strong foundation.

These items can include pot plants, rubbish bins, kids toys, dog houses, shade sails and other miscellaneous items, such as hoses and gardening tools.

Ensure to clean out your gutters on a regular cycle, at least every few months to avoid leaks and potential electrical damage during a natural disaster event, which can lead to awaiting maintenance and costly repairs.

Cut down overhanging branches, as they can snap off and be a dangerous flying hazard for your property and surroundings. Branches have potential to cause damage to power lines which leads to outages and electrical fires.  

It is also important to ensure any pathways on your property are clear and safe for water flow that is caused by a storm. If the paths are blocked, and water flow is diverted from its intended path, it can cause flood damage to your property.

For more information on preparing for storm season, visit or

Don’t be this guy! – Prepare and prevent for storm season

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