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Movie Review: No Hard Feelings

Set on the backdrop of bankruptcy and scornful exs, No Hard Feelings follows Maddie Barker, portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, a struggling 30-year-old with financial troubles who is willing to do anything to help her situation.

On a whim, she takes up a Craiglist offer, from a wealthy couple who is wanting to help their socially awkward 19-year-old son come out of his shell, before he leaves for university.

The son, Percy, played by Andrew Barth Feldman, is unaware of his parent’s involvement with the new lady in his life, and unintentionally makes Maddie work hard for her payment.

Jennifer’s portrayal of the crass bartender and Uber driver is hilarious and is perfectly juxtaposed with Andrew’s clueless and meek performance throughout the film.

The turning of the film comes when Maddie begins to like hanging out with Percy, who causes her to question her future, and why she is considering staying in their small town when she could be exploring the world.

Percy is so smitten with Maddie, he decides to stay at home, not go to university and be able to grow closer to Maddie.

Maddie’s guise is eventually revealed to Percy when he overhears a conversation between Maddie and his parents when the Bluetooth of his parent’s Tesla is activated.

Understandably, Percy is upset by the situation, but still decides to send her a Buick Regal, which allows her to continue working for Uber and pay off her debts.

No stone is left unturned in this raunchy film, saturated with adult humour with a touch of classy intimacy that forces audiences to root for Percy and Maddie’s budding friendship.

The pair ultimately rekindle their friendship, when Maddie drives Percy to university as she treks to California, to start her new life.

With crass humour and a touch of intimate relatability, No Hard Feelings explores a reality of young adulthood, of not being sure of what you’re doing, and questioning your decisions.

No Hard Feelings is currently showing in the Bowen Cinema and will be released at the Proserpine Entertainment Centre August 5.

Jennifer Lawrence as Maddie and Andrew Barth Feldman as Percy are both loveable and lost, as they navigate young adulthood. Photo supplied

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