Thursday, January 18, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Tenders Invited for Water-Based Tourism Operations

In a bid to enhance water-based tourism along the Pioneer River, the Mackay Regional Council is gearing up for the completion of the Pioneer River Pontoon by the end of February, weather permitting. This exciting development opens doors for ambitious businesses keen on operating commercial ventures from the pontoon.

Interested entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit their applications promptly, as the deadline for tenders is set for Friday, February 8. To access the tender documents and initiate the application process, registration on QTenders is a prerequisite, and aspiring applicants can join for free. For more details and to submit applications, visit

Construction of the Pioneer River Pontoon is expected to be complete by the end of February. Photo credit: Mackay Regional Council

Temporary Closure of Brisbane Street Fishing Platform

Simultaneously, the Mackay Regional Council has announced the temporary closure of the Brisbane Street Fishing Platform, effective from January 16, until mid-February. The brief hiatus is necessary to facilitate preparation work for the delivery and installation of the new pontoon gangway.

During this temporary closure, land-based anglers are urged to explore alternative options, with the Carlyle Street Fishing Platform remaining accessible for those eager to cast their lines. This strategic closure aligns with the ongoing efforts of the Mackay Regional Council to improve waterfront infrastructure, ensuring a seamless transition for both local anglers and future water-based tourism endeavours.

As the Pioneer River evolves to accommodate diverse recreational activities, these developments mark a significant step forward in shaping the region's aquatic landscape. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to seize this opportunity, and anglers are advised to adjust their plans accordingly during the temporary closure period.

The Brisbane Street Fishing Platform will be temporarily closed until mid-February

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